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Aspen Summit Clubhouse

Aspen Summit at Sunridge Hills


The clubhouse for Aspen Summit is located at 1013 South Aspen Place. If you lost your key, there is a $50.00 fee to replace it. Once you have paid you can pick up the new key from the model home.

Clubhouse Hours:
Opens: 8:00 a.m.
Closes: 11:00 p.m

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Clubhouse Usage Rules:

  1. Please feel free to use the internet when you are at the clubhouse, pool or fitness center. But please do not use the clubhouse internet at your home so we can save the bandwidth at the clubhouse for those actively using the clubhouse.
  2. Please do not wear wet or ice melt covered shoes in the gym or on the fitness equipment. The moisture and salt (ice melt) damaged the flooring and equipment. Please bring different shoes to wear when using the gym and equipment.
  3. Children under 14 years of age must be supervised at all times when in the clubhouse or pool area.
  4. Use of the facility and equipment is at your own risk.
  5. Children still in diapers must wear swim diapers AND plastic waterproof diaper covers when in the pool.
  6. Access between the pool and clubhouse is limited to the door next to the bathrooms. Wet people or pool items are not allowed in the Great/Meeting Room.
  7. Failure to clean up after yourself when using the clubhouse will result in the forfeiture of the cleaning deposit and/or loss of usage privileges.
  8. The Swimming pool may not be reserved for any private event.
  9. All reservation requests for the clubhouse should be sent to clubhouse@amres.co. A response will be provided within 2 business days.
  10. The clubhouse main meeting room and kitchen can be reserved for private events. Please note that special considerations will be taken for clubhouse reservations on the following major holidays or events:
    Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, 24th of July and Labor Day and the Super Bowl – These will be determined by a random drawing 45 days before the date of the event. Names will be drawn at random from the list of residents who have asked that their names be placed in the drawing no more than 90 days and not less than 45 days before the event date.
  11. The clubhouse is cleaned weekly. However, if you find anything amiss or needing attention, please contact Advantage Management immediately at 801-235-7368 or clubhouse@amres.co

Clubhouse Reservation

Please double check your web portal’s calendar for availability. The clubhouse in your community is available on a first come, first served basis for homeowners in good standing.

If you are renter, please see the communities calendar for availability.

To reserve the clubhouse please fill out the form below. You will receive a confirmation email 24-48 business hrs after your request has been submitted. Once approved your event will be placed on the calendar on your web portal.

If you do not get a confirmation please email the association at clubhouse@amres.co.

There is a $150.00 (refundable) deposit for a 3 hour block of time. The time reserved includes your setup, take down, and cleaning time.

To reserve the clubhouse, please fill out the form below. Once you hit submit, please enter in your credit card information for the refundable deposit. If you chose to use a credit card for your clubhouse deposit, the deposit amount of $1.00 will be preauthorized and held as unavailable funds in your account until after the event.

Clubhouse Cleaning Checklist

To get your deposit back, please fill out the cleaning checklist no later than 7 days after your reservation. To do it online, please click here. Or you can print out the cleaning checklist by clicking here and emailing it back to clubhouse@amres.co.

Clubhouse Reservation Form

* = Required

Bathrooms, fitness centers, and the pool cannot be reserved and must be open for all resident use. Please turn out lights after use. By filling out the form and submitting, you hereby state that you have read and understand the conditions and terms associated with rental of the clubhouse.