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HOA Management

  1. Daily Functions
    1. Collect Homeowners Dues
      1. Collect Homeowners Dues
      1. Send late notices
      1. Send notices of intent to lien documents to seriously delinquent homeowners
      1. File liens on delinquent units
      2. Coordinate Foreclosures on homeowners more than 90 days past due at the directive of the management committee
    1. Receive calls – answer homeowners questions and concerns
    1. Fill out Condominium certifications (sales info sheets) – Provide mortgage and insurance information
    1. Enforce Rules and Regulations
    1. Parking enforcement
    1. Write letters to regulations violators
    1. Fine continuing violators
    2. Resolve homeowners complaints
  2. Weekly Functions
    1. Pay bills
      1. Insurance
      1. Water/Sewer
      1. Trash
      1. Cable
      1. Contractors
      2. Etc.
    1. Review bills for accuracy
    1. Interface with vendors (Utility Companies, Insurance, Contractors, Developer)
    1. Keep tabs on owner occupancy
    1. Provide by-laws and other information to prospective buyers and homeowners
    1. Greet and inform new homeowners
    1. Organize and supervise cleaning and maintenance needs
    2. Inspect the properties – provide suggestions for needs and improvements (bi-weekly)
  3. Monthly Functions
    1. Prepare Financial Reports for distribution to HOA Management including:
      1. Owner Statements
      1. Expense Reports
      1. Income Reports
      1. Dues/Delinquency Rosters
      2. Accounting for every penny of income and expense
    1. Obtain bids to review with management committee for:
      1. Snow Removal
      1. Lawn Care
      1. Cleaning
      1. Sprinkler Repairs
      1. Maintenance
      1. Painting
      2. And other needs
    1. Interview Contractors
    1. Follow up on Contractors
    1. Fire Contractors
    1. Coordinate with Attorney on foreclosures and other legal matters
    1. Assist in distribution of HOA newsletters if desired – assist officers in preparation and distribution
    2. Monthly Meeting with HOA Management Committee
  4. Yearly Functions
    1. Assist with HOA meetings, planning and notification
    1. Year-end financial statement
    1. Assist with Taxes and accounting
    1. IRS 1120H form
    1. Assist in budget planning for future years
    2. Annual insurance review
  5. Available in house maintenance services
    1. Common area cleaning
    1. Clubhouse cleaning
    1. Exterior lighting maintenance
    1. Supplemental yard care
    1. Painting
    2. General maintenance

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