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Our Services

Why Choose Us?

The mission of our service is to save property owners time and money, by taking care of all the time consuming day to day functions of Investment Properties and Homeowners Associations (HOA`s) such as:

  1. Collecting Rents Or Dues for deposit into an FDIC insured Property Management Trust Account
  2. Sending late notices, and resolving collections problems
  3. Enforcing evictions and/or foreclosures
  4. Pre-Screening of Tenants including credit reports and background information
  5. Arranging for bids on landscaping, snow removal and all types of contractor work
  6. Resolving neighbor conflicts and concerns
  7. Accounting for income and disbursements, which includes providing owners with monthly and yearly accounting statements
  8. Monthly disbursement of funds to Owners
  9. Helping to protect owners from potential liability problems
  10. Paying of Bills
  11. And many more functions

Services that Advantage Management can offer you: