460 East 800 North, Orem UT 84059-1006

Legacy Village Clubhouse Cleaning Checklist

This checklist must be turned in no later than 7 days after event.

Clubhouse must be left completely clean right after party.

    Vacuum and clean all floors
    Wipe off furniture & tables; leave round tables and chairs in main room
    Clean sink, wipe off counter & appliances
    Empty fridge
    Take home all garbage, including restrooms and patio; garbage cans clean with new trash liners from kitchen cabinet
    Restrooms left clean and wiped down
    Patio and patio furniture clean, all trash removed
    Blinds left open, fans and lights turned off
    Thermostat will automatically reset to: winter 62 degrees - summer 78 degrees
    Lock all doors / Check Patio Doors
    Use covers to protect tables - use maksing tape, not scotch tape
    TV remotes must be left by TVs