460 East 800 North, Orem UT 84059-1006

Clubhouse Cleaning Checklist

This checklist must be turned in in order to receive your deposit no later than 7 days after event.

Information provided will be confirmed by the cleaning crew.

    Empty all trash cans in common area and kitchen
    Vacuum floor in common area, theater room, and game room
    Sweep and mop all tile in kitchen/common area/hallways
    Wipe down kitchen counter
    Remove any food from refrigerator in kitchen
    Remove all decorations from inside the clubhouse (including tape)
    Remove all decorations from outside the clubhouse (including tape)
    Return furniture to original position
    All restrooms must be in the same condition as you found them
    Thermostat returned to original temperature
    Dust/wipe tables
    Wipe down theater room chairs and return to upright position (If Applicable)
    Clean inside of doors and windows
    Turn off all games and return pieces for the games to proper spot (If Applicable)