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In the 18 years that we have owned our home we have been active members of our community and either my wife or I have usually been on the HOA board. As an HOA of 18 years we have been with Advantage Management from the beginning and have never considered changing management companies because they are the best of the best. Jason Sucher in particular has been stellar taking care of every aspect of our community, keeping us informed on the latest laws and policies that affect our community, and finding the best landscapers, internet service providers, and other essential services and negotiating the best deals for those services. We trust him implicitly. I have always found he and his staff to be trustworthy professionals. We are lucky to partner with them for the continual improvement and progression of our community.


(Bob C.,Board Member)

I am currently serving on the HOA board in my community. I have been in this position for 6 years. Over those 6 years our community has worked closely with Advantage Management. The service and expertise our community has received from their services has been amazing. They go above and beyond in their efforts to provide quality services and referrals for other companies. Our community has never gone without and has received prompt and quick services when needed. I would highly recommend Advantage Management to other communities.


(Adam Z.,Board Member)

My husband and I have lived in a community managed by Advantage Management for over 5 years, and we have loved the service provided by Jason and the rest of the team. They are always timely in responding to concerns and needs, and help us get problems handled immediately (broken sprinklers, landscaping problems, etc) with community contractors. I recently began working on the HOA board myself, and have been really happy seeing how well things are run behind the scenes and how much the community is involved in all of the decisions made. I always hear people complaining about the HOA in their neighborhoods, and I have never been able to understand that because I have loved how Advantage runs ours.


(Lindsey H.,Board Member)

I have NEVER dealt with a management company in 28 years that I have been in the Real Estate Industry, that have been as AWESOME as Advantage Management & Real Estate Services. We reached out and the same day received the HOA docs as requested. I definitely give them 5 stars. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!


(Carrie B.,Real Estate Agent)

Heidi at Advantage management went out of her way to help me secure approval for a project at my house, and she was always pleasant and helpful. Even during the Corona-virus disruption she was able to get my request processed. Thanks very much!


(Greg P.,Homeowner)

Great helpful and friendly staff! We love our apartment in Lakeview Court. We are currently trying to sell our contract and we will post a review of that process when we are done! So far it’s been good!


(Erica L.,Renter)

As a new volunteer HOA board member, I was overwhelmed with the amount of work and the number of complaints we received from the community. We truly wanted to do a good job, but without the help of Advantage Management we would have been swamped and burned out within weeks. They have been amazing to work with and we are very glad that they have been helping our community.


(Shaun B.,Board Member / Homeowner)

I visited the office the other day inquiring about a rental and they were so nice scheduling me a showing and even showing me how to apply online. Afterwards I had a few more questions and they answered with nothing but kindness. Pretty impressed with their service, hope to be able to have them as my rental manager soon!


(Jed P.,Renter)

This property management company is AMAZING. I am currently residing in a condo managed by this company. They are far the best in Utah. The property looks Amazing and they treat the residents Great. Everyone I know loves them. Thanks Advantage Management & Real Estate Services


(Tori H.,Homeowner)

I really liked the good quality and professional help I got from the rental department. They responded quickly to my emails and always answered my phones calls. I especially liked the receptionist at the front, when I came in for urgent help she guided me to the right people and helped me out right away.


(Nainoa S.,Renter)